Smart At Innovation

Striving for Progress

what is your thought about innovation ?

hello don't think that, this is not a phillips ad innovation (innovation and you).
this innovation meaning is more different for you , me and myself (sorry yourself also) don't mind haan.
innovation and invention means what ? don't confuse in those two word's. see the meaning of those two word's.
The simultaneous and synonymous use of this two word's is and continues to be a source of confusion and source of missunderstandings. There is a very clear difference between invention and innovation:
Inventions turn money into knowledge; innovations turn knowledge into money. innovation is completely different from research process. innovation is completely different from research process. innovation are do to make money for bussiness invention are do to give the knowledge for all of us. so what can you do ? innovation or invention take your choice.

The advancement with innovation and awareness

Hey guys at the end of this year everyone is planning for next year. Before starting the talk, we wish you a happy innovative and progressive new year.
As we have all know very well how our educational trend is is going on. How the skills are getting improved. But these all are being done by considering the current market need. What about the numerous changes in technology. The requirement of new kind of skills. There is need of visions.
The vision of all upcoming. And how can we prepare for it from now.
We are managing for such vision collaboration stage. Where everyone can share their vision and we can find out the way of preparation for it.
The Internet is finest place for searching the information and mobile is smartest tool for communication. Both are useful. But still not capable of creating the knowledge. With collaborating these we can create the knowledge and wisdom, Which is our first need.

Innovation is key to success

Innovation is key to get success. If you can innovate you can conquer. The word S.M.A.R.T. is most trending, attached and warm word for youth and all. Someone derived the full form of SMART. Where the S stands for Specific, M for Measurable, A for Attainable, R for Relevant & T for Time bound. This Abbreviation is the roadmap for getting smart. We also believe in this so much. With such SMART belief we are heading towards
the innovation of SMART tools & technique which will help the student to fer colorful acheivements by all persona.