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Questions to be asked ourselves while deciding the Goal ..(2)...

Hello, Yesterday I told the students to make a list of their interests. Today, I am to tell more questions which will help them to decide goals. In fact, if one likes his work so much then all other things come together and happen like miracle.
Interest is the only thing that determines dedication in any work.
No work can be undone if anyone do it with full dedication. There are countless examples for this. Successful people have the same key of success, dedication toward whatever they are doing. This dedication gives them the strength to solve any problems. and , I also have a problem today. what other questions we need to ask for selecting a career. I told the students yesterday but today? What to do?
So I hunt a lot on the internet. The question to ask yourself when choosing a career. I found plenty of websites, watched a lot of videos. TEDx Talk, Sunder Pichai, Larry Smith, various businessman, sportsman, artist etc. But in all of this, eventually I got a very exact video. Really the point break video. In which the term 'career' is explained better than any other video. If anyone asked me, i will rate it 100 out of 10. This is guidance by, MKCL's CEO honorable Vivek Sawant Sir. Video link is given at the end of this article.
Today, due to no idea, i am going to deliever the same speech. i am hoping that no one has heard that before, Let's try to do it Students are ready,how are you my smart Students? Today I'm going to tell you some more questions.
Yesterday you made some work list right? Today, analyse the all interested work you wrote there. Now dear smart creative students you are to write the needed things for all interested work. It can be called as prequisite also. E.g. if you interest is to design something in electronics. Then The prequisite is Electronics Engineer. for that the required things are math, Technological awareness, (Children are artists, there is no place to write the head there. The fact is, it does not get space, it needs to be made.)
So you have as much detail as you can about these things. It may take an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year. This time is the rest of your life. And the more you work on it. The more delicious fruits will come to the tree of your life. To help you write these things, you should help those successful people in that area. If it is difficult, there is an alternative to internet today.
So you have to understand the detail. And it's going to write.
Details are the difference between Good stuff and Great Stuff. - Stephen Brewster
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ध्येय ठरवताना स्वतःला विचारायची काही प्रश्न ????

continued from blog 1 ... To determine the goal, many questions are asked respectively. But the most important question I love personally. That means What is my work Interests? So what work would I like to do? So children are a question. This is the very first and important question that starts with yourself, what would I like to do? What work is my interest in? Many people say gross things because of some wrong thinking, that I would like to be a doctor, some of them, engineers, CA , artists or others, would like to be a teacher. But no matter what the question would like to be made. The question is, What would you like to do? The question is about work or action. Which action or action would you like to do? Doctor want to check? Would you like to make an item? Or to solve the problem of financial problems (CA)? Would you like to present the art? Would you like to study deeper things? That some new inventions can be invented (scientist)? Or would you like to teach kids? Think of it that we want to do that work all our life? Your interest should not be hollow. Because some may like to do things once, but if you do one thousand, ten thousand times, your interest should not be reduced. You have to find such things first. It also has to know what many things are done. From then on, you have to choose professional interests. You have to first make such a list of such favorites that you have to make. Reason Interest is the first thing that encourages hard work. One thing you might have heard was that Thomas Alvado Edison conducted 10 thousand different experiments to find a single film. Today, assess this matter seriously. The experiment has not been done twice, not ten, not two hundred, two hundred thousand, thousand two thousand but ten thousand times. Even if you want to count ten thousand points, you should consider ten times. The scientist did so many experiments and invented the whole world.You will have to find such a passion that no matter how many problems you may have, you should not get bored. So make a list of kids like this today. In the next part, what is the second question that will make the career choice easier.

What is the first step for progress? Definite Aim? What is the first step for definite aim?

Student: Where are the letters written in the Guruji leaf? Hello, I teach the topic of language to the class of class 10, in school. Excuse me, if I'm not in the classroom, then teach the students in the classroom. Yes, now some people will say that, if the teacher of the language becomes a teacher, then what else is the story of others? But what is it, that due to wrongdoing, the class and class boys are different. The children also have their place and the world apart from each other. I've had the pleasure of traveling to many such places. There are students in this world and a world in the student. The regular hours were started in the classroom. In one place, the goal of the goal came and began to tell about the goal. During this time, one asked the student directly, what was your goal and he said that I want to be CA. He wrote on the board and gave information about the planning, effort required for it. And "do not stop until the goal is achieved." Pour the fruit by saying this. And suddenly, the same boy raised his hand and asked me, Teacher where does the leave the erased letter? And all the boys laughed. Perhaps my discourse might have been aroused, so he asked this question by scolding. But I did not get angry with them as a regular laugh. When the boy finished the call the person came to me and asked me whether my goal is mine. . I even got a little distraught. But pretending to understand the child's mind, he said that if you decide tomorrow, your goal is yours or you can erase it by writing it on a board. The next day a child asked a question that what is the key is that the children who needed the most to grow (developed) were the most needed. The answer is only in two or one word. Then, the answers were such that there was a time to deviate from the goal of asking my questions. What is needed to develop? So a meal, someone who says sleep is more than necessary. Some children responded a little bit thoughtfully, that a book is needed, someone says, school, practice, exam, education etc. But my question was not that question. I told them that "what is that?", That help children to grow faster. Means .. "What is that?" .... The youngest child once knew that their knowledge and knowledge started to grow. The answer to a question (the question) is that "question". What is the biggest help you can develop for young children is that of the questions. It is very important to ask questions and It is far more important to ask for it as long as you do not get the answer. When this happens, you should be ready to learn your inherent goals. Now, let's know what the right question is ...