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Opportunites in IT ..(2)...

Hello, We all have a little bit of idea about what's called Computer Hardware. The components of all information systems, which appear as hardware, are called hardware. Its users are fast growing day by day. According to the figures, the number of users of computer in 2015 was 1,70,00,00,000. Its new sale is 28,87,00,000, and now it has grown very much. There are also mobile users. So the demand for such digital electronics and communication devices is in vogue. Therefore, their products and innovations give them great opportunities. Computer Hardware Four things are largely driven by the production sector.
1. Research
2. Design
3. Development
4. Testing
None of these workers are called Computer Hardware Engineers.
1. Research: In this research, innovative technologies are invented by a deep study of the computer system and its components. Which has the ability to produce more than before. Such research is done at different levels. Eligibility to search this search: (Any one)
    1. Mathematician: Nowadays, mathematicians have invented large computers in computers. Also known as the father of computer, Charles Babbage was a mathematician.
     2. Chemist: Chemist helps to determine the structure of the constituent and to maximize the quality.
     3. physicist (physicist).
     4. Electronics and Electrical Engineer.
     5. Designer It does all the research of computer hardware and its components. It comes after that
2. Design: Means to design a schematic that the user likes.
3. Development: This device is designed in a planned manner in this area.
4. Testing:The device created in it is checked. If there are any problems then they are resolved. Computer Hardware is built in such a few stages. And There are countless opportunities in each of these ... Only need to know and prepare for it. In the coming areas, let us know about the details. As we have said.
"We know information, but we want knowledge .."

Opportunites in IT (1)

IT history is a little bit familiar to you. From this, we must have realized that the change in my past has accelerated. Numerous new opportunities will be born over time. IT jobs are a living opportunity. Because its ability to output is extraordinary. At present, this area is very well organized. Understand that there is a need to understand and prepare yourself for it. If a brief list of this is to be made, it will be as follows.
1) Hardware Development: means to create or develop hardware.
2) Software Development: means to create or develop software.
3) Website Designing: Creating a Website.
4) Database Management and Analysis: Managing the data on a large scale.
5) Cloud Computing: Working on a platform developed on Online Internet.
6) Networking: Creating and managing a computer network.
7) Games Development: To create or develop computer games
8) Testing: Various hardware and software checks.
9) IT Support: Provide help to solve problems related to various organizations or individuals.
10) Cyber Security: Keeping the computer system and its data safe. Nowadays this is a requirement of many big companies.
In addition to this, the computer is used in almost all fields. Financial, Engineering, etc. So, the application software is also a tool for those fields. I mean Engineering for Auto CAD, Revit, Solid Works, Catia, Test Automation, Tally ERP for the financial sector, Oracle E Business Suit etc is not exhaustive. In addition, the main stream is also being animated. Autodesk Maya, Blender Cinema 4D, Adobe Animate etc. Softwares are used. Adobe Premier Pro for Video Editing, Pinacle Studio, etc. Software is used. So this is an application that offers an application job.

What does information system means exactly?

Today I asked a website, What is Information? it replied that information is information. Then asked again, what is information? She said that information is information.😃 Before you start, you get some information about 'information'. If I asked for Wikipedia then I got the information that Information is a Latin word in: Informare '. Informare means shaping the mind. The modern meaning of information can also be taken by anyone who knows what the meaning is. Information is productive. The modern system for such information is used everywhere, it is called information system. In order to understand the information system in 1995, Silver Et Two different approaches were presented from Al. (Various methods of education and multiple intelligence). One of them Computer Based Design. Which consists of five parts.
1. Hardware
2. Software
3. Data
4. Procedures
5. People
6. Feedback
Oh, it was six ... 😏😕 ... but five are the main.

1) Hardware,: This number is an important element in the Information System. There are some Visible Devices, which means CPU (Central Processing Unit). Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Printer, Modem, etc. All of these are called hardware. All these devices accept inputs in sequential methods, process them by producing output.
2) Software, Which means the program Program is a set of instructions. The program is a set of suggestions that hardware can detect. Hardware works according to those instructions. This is a multi-dimensional part. We can get detailed information about these areas.
3) Data: This means statistics or raw information, or user-issued orders. Based on this data, computer information is processed.
4) Procedures: Software and Hardware are multi-dimensional sections. The instructions and the instructions given to them are of the same variety. These Instructions should be given exactly as well, otherwise the output is misinterpreted, the exact method of using the Hardware and Software is described in one place. He is called Procedures, sometimes called a document.
5) People: That means the user. There is a user at every step of the computer. From the development of software hardware, to use it. Indirectly, a person who is indirectly attributing his various benefits to him is called 'User'. In the 1995 Study Model some new things have been included and this will continue in the future. But one important thing is that
Network: Computer network This system of information and systems divided into two parts. This system has virtually brought the entire world to the screen of a monitor today. All the world is available on the screen of a mobile rather than a monitor. This system has made communication possible with you. All the people are now contributing to this development. Enhancing knowledge.

Information Technology Live Broadcasting.

Information Technology Live Broadcasting. Hello, am i visible properly, this screen is actually very small that I can be fit into. Just try to understand because i start with understandings IT meant to handle and process the information now. You want to see physically, you can look at my modern information system and study it. Ok let me explain in details ..
A Person has a body and a consciousness. Some also call soul. Similarly I am like soul and the information system is my body. I complete my mission with the help of Information System.
My modern goal is Electronic Data Processing. The first part of this is
1. Data Storage
This means to store information. Technically, there are a lot of changes in this. In the beginning, Punched Tape was used in the computer to store this information. In which there are holes in a particular sequence on a bar, which indicate the data. After this, IBM created the first Hard Disk (Magnetic Disk Storage) for its commercial computer, in 1956, for its IBM 305 RAMAC (Random Access Method for Accounting and Control). From then on till now Hard disk is used as main storage all over. Between this time, the need had arisen to collect large data, obtain and process it without slowing down. Database Management System (DBMS) then came into picture to fulfill this need . We will discuss this later in detail, because it is the main career stream in today's and coming years. the next step after Data Storage is ,
2. Data Retrieval,
So here we get the information stored. Which is very important because if the information is stored and if it does not retrieved, then what is the benefit of storing it? You just heard about the database. A specific programming language used to communicate with this database. That's the Structured Query Language. (SQL). With the help of this SQL, the information is obtained accurately and safely from the database. After that, the work is done
3. Data Transmission
Carrying Information through media. There are three aspects in it, that means transmission, data propagation, and reception. This is also called as Broadcasting.
4. Data Manipulation
Information handling and Processing, In this stage the information is processed and presented in usable (user understadable) format. After getting the importance of data and it processing, the number of users started growing very fast. Hilbert and the coper realized that the information that was being executed on each user was doubling every 14 months. It is very important to understand such a big data and not to lose its speed. In addition to this, the software developed by various programming methods, to process and measure this data, is also called Data Mining. Data storage, retrieval, transmission, manipulation,
the mechanism to achieve this all goal is known as the information system, that is, my physical form. Let us know about it in the next part.
Progress is the nature of nature and goal of everyone.

Hello? Is there Mr. Information Technology ? We Want some information about you?

Hello, It's me, Information Technology.
Storage, Processing, Retrieval and Transmission of data and information is my job.
Actucally, This work has really been happening from many centuries. This had begun 3000 years before the twentieth century, when two writing scripts, Mesopotamia, Elomite, were first invented. In India also, the writing system has existed from 3500 thousand years, Which are called as IndusScript. The origin of this script found in the developed Harappan culture.
Around BC 100 years, this system has got new form. When the paper was invented by Tsai Lun in China. Information Storage has been started since then.
In last 200 years, almost all equations have changed. In 1837, Charles Babbes invented the first analytical engine. This Engine can perform arithmatic calculations. This was the very beginning of new information technology and the new technology of handling information.
After that, the computer went through a lot of phases. After 1940, the development of computer has accelerated.
I got the name "Information Technology" in 1958. In a Harvard Business Review article, the author Harold J. Lewitt and Thomas L. Whistler said that this system has to be called Information Technology from now on.
After this, on December 1st, 1983, Internet was invented. And once again I got new height. Scientist Burner Lee invented the WWW World Wide Web. That is why I am now known by a new name. That is, Information and Communication Technology (Information and Communication Technology).

Oh yes, video call is now possible. The next time make a video call, I will tell you some more information.
Use the computer and make progress ......